Our Commitment

DSWT believes in openness, integrity, and teamwork. Every customer is part of the team and we maintain close relationships in order to continually improve our service. As partners with our customers, our staff engineers have provided support for related issues. Many of our existing customers are willing to provide facility visits and answer any questions about the DSWT system. With over 40 years of experience in water treatment, we individually engineer and manufacture every system we sell.

Water Treatment

Water treatment is almost always needed in evaporative cooling applications to reduce scaling, corrosion, and biological contamination. The DS Water Treatment (DSWT) system employs a powerful electric field to treat water, achieving much higher cycles compared to any other chemical or non-chemical systems. Higher cycles in the tower reduce the blow down water usage 80% or more. The DSWT system has excellent recuperative power as well, restoring previously scaled or algae-covered towers to clean, efficient operating condition. Since bacteria are greatly reduced, the system also eliminates odors and other problems often occurring in the tower drift. Experience has shown us that since there is no scale mixed with the dirt that enters the towers, cleaning is much easier and is required less frequently. With reduced corrosion and the elimination of acid cleaning, tower life is greatly extended.